FADM is a Debt Counselling company headed by a qualified Debt Counsellor, who is registered with the National Creditor Regulator. We have an extremely competent back up staff and a comprehensive infrastructure, the combination of which, makes this firm highly adept, competitive and “result orientated” in the Debt Counselling Field.


We provide consistently high-quality service, individual attention and personal concern for each client's unique needs. We aim to assist consumers to better manage their financial lives, within a professional and confidential environment. When you instruct us, you are hiring experience-: experienced board-room mediators and courtroom litigators. Our Mission is to simplify the debt review process to over indebted consumers, by negotiating and arranging the most sustainable repayment plan, on their behalf. As a firm, we aim to build and maintain high quality relationships characterised by our firm's core values.

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind.

No More Harassing Calls

No more  harassing calls.

Protection Of Your Home & Assets

Protection of your home and assets

A Solution To Pay Off Debt

A solution to pay off debt without more credit

No More Credit Needed

No More Credit Needed

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom